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Khaolak attractions

     As named from a national park (Khao Lak-Lam Ru). The park was declared a national park in August 1991. It occupies a vast area of 150 and covers Amphoe Thai Muang, Amphoe Kapong, Amphoe Takua Pa and Amphoe Muang. Khao Lak is becoming increasingly popular, mainly with European visitors. It's easy to reach, quite and, as yet, not overdeveloped. It is something like Phuket's past 20 years. You can walk northward along the sadn for many kilometres, almost as far as Bang Sak beach. There are many interesting attractions

     Khao Lak the mountain is located 25 kms from Amphoe Takua Pa, one Highway No 4 (Thai Muang - Takua Pa), taking a left turn between Km 56-57. Before reaching Amphoe Thai Muang, the mountain - Khao Lak can be seen. On the mountain, there is the Chao Pho Khao Lak Shrine (as the photo). Opposite to the shrine, entrance of Khao Lak National Park Office, lies a stony beach with rocks and boulders of all sizes strewn all over the beach. The beach is sandy, wide, not much long, clean and good to swim. North of the beach is a Khao Lak mountain and south is the pier to Similan National Park.

     Laem Pakarang located on the Takua Pa - Khao Lak route. Diving from Takua Pa town on Phetchkasem Road, the cape will be on the right, another 5 kms down the side road. It is a sandy beach piled with deer coral washed up on the beach by strong waves - thus giving the beach its name. The beach is blessed with groves of pine, making it ideal for camping and relaxation.

     Ton Chong Fa Waterfall located on the Takua Pa - Khao Lak route like Laem Pakarang. Driving from Takua Pa town, the waterfall is on the left, a right turn and going for another 5 kms. The cascade runs all year round and the surroundings are blissfully calm and cool under the trees' shade. The waterfall originates from the Bang Niang Canal and is a large beautiful waterfall with 5 levels.

     Sairung Waterfall previously called Pakthaweep Waterfall. Located near Bangsak and Pakthaweep Beaches, on Highway No 4 at 70-71 km. 1,800 metres along the cement road and walk about 30 metres to the waterfall. With 60 m of height, falling from wide cliff about 20 metres. You can enjoy swimming but carefully.

     Lam Ru Waterfall is a petite waterfall with 5 diminutive levels. The fall is of middle height in the area of Kradai Range. The waters flow all year at Laem Ru and many varieties of birds live in the shade of the it numerous species of tree surrounding the falls. A small path trail leads to the top of the waterfall.

     Bang Sak Beach North of Khao Lak beach in Tambon Bang Muang, this beach does not match that of Khal Lak, though it features a long strip of fine white sand shaded by casuarina trees. A popular spot for picnics with locals, there are a number of seafood stalls set up and limited accommodation available. Its key characteristics are: white sand, clean, long curve beach, not too steep, good to swim. Road is along to the beach, there are many local seafood restuarant with cheap price.

     Khuk Kak Beach Located the south of Laem Pakarang. It is another quite beach and less of visitors as contradict with its name (means "crowded"). It is good to walking, sight-seeing, south of the beach is a canal. When the tide is low, we can acrose the canal.

     Bang Niang Beach Located at the middle of Khao Lak area, between Khuk Kak and Nathong Beach, there is many routes to the beach. Similar to Khuk Kak beach, but more pretty curve. The fine golden sand is free from rocks, stones or coral. Just a few sea shells are swept ashore during the high tide -- a nice gift to be found in the morning. Swimming is possible any time of the day, during low or high tide. Most of the time the water is not very clear due to the fine sediments that are moved by the waves. The beach is wide at low tide, but only 5 to 10 yards at the height of the high tide. Near the mouth of the Bang Niang River picturesque rocky outcrops make a beautiful backdrop at sunset.

     Nang Thong Beach Located in south part of Khao Lak area, south of Bang Niang Beach. The sandy beach is separated into several sections by rocky bands stretching out into the sea. The southern part is the centre of Khao Lak, where the first bungalows were built in the late Eighties. Today, it is the most developed area of Khao Lak offering a wide choice of restaurants, travel offices, dive shops, tailors and film developing. Most of these enterprises are located along highway No 4, that is 200-600 metres away from the coast and can easily reached by walking.

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